Suspension Repair Lake Oswego

Suspension Repair Lake OswegoIf you’re looking for skilled suspension repair Lake Oswego drivers prefer, allow us to direct you to our auto shop. At Dan’s Auto Center, we have a full auto repair service facility that is equipped to handle just about any repair or service your vehicle may need. We’ve been a trusted family-owned and operated auto shop for the Lake Oswego and Portland area since 1989, we make sure that when you bring your vehicle in to us, you’re treated like family.

Have you recently started feeling every bump in the road when you drive? Do you find that your vehicle is drifting or pulling a certain way when you make a turn? Does your vehicle dip or nosedive when you apply the brakes firmly? Have you spotted balding spots on your tires? These are all signs that your vehicle may be in need of suspension repair. Lake Oswego drivers know that not getting these signs checked out as soon as possible will only result in more costly repairs down the line. When you bring your vehicle into our shop, we’ll be able to check your suspension and make sure your shocks and struts aren’t leaking fluid. If they are, we’ll be able to replace them and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

For any questions you have regarding your shocks and struts, suspension repair or even radiator repair, oil change service, brake repair, timing belt replacement and engine repair, Lake Oswego drivers know they can count on our service advisors and certified mechanics and technicians to provide them with answers. We’ve built our reputation by providing our customers with information and excellent auto repair and service. Give us a call today or you can make an appointment with us online using our convenient scheduling service.

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