Radiator Repair Lake Oswego

Radiator Repair Lake OswegoWhen it comes to dependable radiator repair in Lake Oswego, drivers bring their vehicles to Dan’s Auto Center for quality work. Our full service auto repair shop specializes in Japanese Import and Domestic Cars, SUVs, vans, and light trucks. We’ve been providing expert service and repairs to Lake Oswego and greater Portland area residents since 1989. Our auto repair facility prides itself on quality workmanship and service with integrity. Whether you need routine auto maintenance or complex repairs, you can count on us to honestly explain the issue, what repairs are needed, and provide a cost-effective solution. One area of our expertise is radiator repair and replacement.

Signs Your Vehicle’s Radiator Needs Repairs

Car engines produce an immense amount of heat. To keep your vehicle from overheating – and damage to your engine and other systems – the cooling system needs to work properly. Your cooling system is primarily composed of a radiator, water pump, auxiliary cooling fans, thermostat, hoses and belts. These components work together to prevent your engine from overheating, but one or more of these components can break. Coolant, the fluid in the radiator that keeps the car from overheating, is very brightly colored. It’s usually fluorescent green but can be pink or yellow as well. Without coolant, your car will quickly overheat, so if you see green fluid leaking from your vehicle, come to our professional auto repair facility as soon as possible. A leak could be due to a hole in a radiator hose. These rubber hoses are inexpensive to fix. However, it could also be a sign of larger issues requiring radiator replacement. Here are some warning signs that your radiator or engine cooling system is experiencing problems:

  • Leaking coolant
  • Low coolant level
  • Easily spiked temperature gauge or a temperature gauge that always reads hot
  • Overheating – steam billowing out from underneath the hood
  • Signs of damage to the radiator itself, such as rust or discoloration

If your vehicle is showing any of these signs, bring it in for radiator repair at our Lake Oswego shop immediately. Never drive a car that is actively overheating, as it can cause permanent damage to the engine. You may have seen in movies people pouring cold water on a hot engine. Please don’t do this either! The cold water can cause the engine to cool down quickly and unevenly, which can lead to cracking. Keep your engine protected by making sure your radiator is working properly. The skilled team of ASE Certified Master Technicians at Dan’s Auto Center can check your radiator for any problems. Don’t wait until your engine overheats – bring it in today! Just call 503-635-8335 or schedule your appointment online.

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Dans Auto Center cares about your safety and overall wellbeing. Additionally, we are offering a $50 DISCOUNT off any service valid through April/15/2020. This is our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers. Feel free to give this to a friend or family member who may benefit from it!

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