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Quality, Competent, and Complete repair vs. Lowest price

Choosing a true Quality, Competent, and Complete repair vs. The lure of the cheapest price.

Quality Auto RepairMany times I am asked by a prospective customer calling over the phone, ‘I would like a quote for ‘X” job.’ My first question is always, has your vehicle been into our shop before? The prospective customer will answer no. ‘ I just need a quote for a head gasket for my (lets say Subaru for example.)’

  • How many shops has this person called and what are they including in the price they are ‘quoting’ You can get 20 different prices from 20 different shops. Is the lowest price the best deal?
  • In my experience absolutely not!
  • The most important factors to consider are What exactly are you getting for your money? Is the job being done completely, and properly by installing all of the necessary ancilliary parts so you avoid having to replace worn hoses, thermostat, radiator, and then also consider if the cylinder heads themselves are being refurbished with a complete valve job and resurfacing.
  • Or are you just getting what we call a ‘Gasket Slap” , meaning the engine is left in place and just the heads removed and new head gaskets installed. nothing else is done.
  • See the difference? hopefully this is starting to give you an understanding that The Lowest Price will always net you the lowest quality job, and just lead to more auto repairs down the road that should have been done during the original job.
  • This principal applies to any Service, Repairs or Maintenance done to your vehicle.
  • The Good feeling of the low price is forgotten long before the misery of having to pay again for the job to be done right.

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When it comes to quality auto repair, people are always looking for deals. The old narrative of the shifty mechanic who tries to squeeze out every last sense for things the car doesn’t need is lodged heavily in our collective psyche, and many drivers are wary of any auto work. In reality, someone’s more likely to get burned from paying too little rather than a bit more… as with all things, you get what you pay for.

Frequently, we get calls into the shop from people who ask for a quote for a certain service or part replacement. When we receive a call like this, our first question is always: have we seen your car before? Usually we haven’t. Instead, the driver’s calling around to various auto shops, most likely trying to find the lowest price. Unfortunately, this is a really bad way to go about finding the right service for your car.

When someone calls in to ask for a quote — let’s say for a head gasket – then they could be getting completely different answers and skewed prices depending on who they’ve called. If you call twenty different shops and ask for a head gasket quote, you may not realize what exactly they’re quoting you. Are they quoting you for the parts alone? Parts plus service? A quick slapdash job, or a fully comprehensive replacement? What exactly are you getting for that money? If a price at one location seems significantly lower than others, this is something you need to ask. Some places perform something that’s commonly known as a “Gasket Slap,” which means the engine is left in place and just the heads are removed while the new gaskets are installed. Nothing else is done. When the job’s done this way, you’ll often pay less, but the result is less than optimal.

It’s really important to know whether or not the job’s being performed adequately. A quality gasket replacement will include replacement of all necessary ancillary parts so that you don’t have to worry about replacing a worn hose or thermostat a little further down the line. Likewise, if the cylinder heads themselves are being refurbished, it should include a complete valve job and resurfacing.

In order to get you in the door, a shop may quote you the lower price and only do the bare minimum, which might feel good for your pocketbook now, but it’ll feel miserable later when you have to come in for more work because of a shoddy job.

We encourage our customers to ask questions and get to know what’s really being done to their car. Don’t get snowed by the promise of a low price… it doesn’t always mean the best value. You should always pay for quality, even if it comes at a few extra dollars. In the long run, you’ll be happier and your car will have fewer problems, which means you actually are saving money!

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