Power Steering Repair Lake Oswego

Do you need power steering repair in Lake Oswego? There are several elements to safety when it comes to vehicles; many times, safety means making sure components of your car are inspected and repaired or replaced as a routine part of maintenance. This includes tiresbrakes, belts, fluids, and steering. If your vehicle experiences a loss of power steering, you could face a dangerous situation. Your car could become difficult to control, which could lead to an accident.

Signs Your Car Needs A Power Steering Inspection

Here are some common issues that require power steering repair in Lake Oswego:

  • Whining noise/squealing while turning
  • Power steering fluid leak
  • Extremely rigid and stiff steering
  • No power steering assistance

Some of these are obvious to distinguish and other symptoms may be more difficult. For example, power steering fluid can leak under your vehicle, appear dark brown and slick, or smell like burning oil. You may mistake it for oil, but leaking power steering fluid can be a serious issue. Bring it into Dan’s Auto Center and allow us to inspect your steering system for issues and leaks. We will be able to tell what type of fluid your car is leaking. Our experienced auto technicians can inspect and fix your power steering if needed. We will first check the hose that feeds the power steering pump for cracks, then the hose clamps, connections, and finally the power steering pump. Any of these components in the power steering rack could be causing the leaking. Whatever the problem, we will find the root of the issue.

Out talented team of auto professionals can handle all power steering repair in our Lake Oswego shop. Whether that’s repairing a leak, tightening a power steering belt, refilling power steering fluid, and inspecting electrical components of the power steering system, you can trust our ASE certified mechanics to fix your power steering. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, such as hearing squealing while turning or it feels like your steering wheel is stuck in quicksand as you turn it, come see the experts at Dan’s Auto Center immediately. Power steering is critical for your and your passengers’ safety. Our shop is conveniently located in Lake Oswego and also serves drivers in BeavertonTigard, and Tualatin.

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