Power Steering Repair Fluid Lake Grove OR

If you’ve been experiencing difficulty steering while driving your vehicle, it’s possible you may need power steering repair fluid. At Dan’s Auto Center, we offer expert power steering repair that you can rely on. Since 1989, we’ve been providing our Lake Grove OR community safe, dependable repairs and maintenance on both domestic and Japanese imports. With a team of highly skilled ASE Certified Master technicians and state of the art equipment, we’re able to perform efficient, quality repairs and have you back on the road in no time!

Power Steering Repair Fluid Lake Grove OR

If you’ve noticed problems with your steering, it’s important to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to avoid breakdowns or a more costly repair. In many cases, the culprit is a power steering pump leak or a leaky hose. Power steering works on a pressurized system; if it’s leaking or you have a clogged hose, it can greatly affect the ability of the system to work properly. Some symptoms that you may be in need of power steering repair include steering difficulty, whining or squealing noises when you turn the wheel, rigid or stiff steering, visible leaks, or low power steering fluid levels.

When you visit us for power steering repair, our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your steering system. We’ll start with the hose that feeds into the power steering pump, then check all the hose clamps and connections, then examine the pump itself. Any of these could potentially be worn, cracked or broken. In some cases, a minor leak can be repaired using a power steering repair fluid; in other cases, you may need a complete pump replacement. If you notice fluid leaking but aren’t sure where it’s coming from, feel free to bring your vehicle to us, and we can quickly determine what type of fluid it is.

Our talented team is skilled at handling any and all of your vehicle needs. Whether you’re having problems with your steering or need an oil change, new tires, a tune-up or scheduled maintenance, you can always trust us to provide quality workmanship and honest, reliable service in Lake Grove OR. Give us a call today at 503-635-8335 to request your appointment.

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