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When you need reliable front differential repair near Portland, visit Dan’s Auto Center! Established in 1989, we’re an independent family-owned and operated auto repair shop committed to providing honest repairs and maintenance in a professional, friendly atmosphere. Our team consistently strives to exceed your expectations with quick service, convenient scheduling, and quality workmanship. Whether you need ring and pinion gear replacement or a brand-new differential, you can count on us to fix it right the first time–guaranteed. 

Differential from car gear box.

Front Differential Repair & Service for Portland Drivers

When you’re navigating a corner in your vehicle, the outside wheels travel faster than the inside wheels. The front differential is responsible for dividing the torque from your engine so that your tires can turn at different speeds and still provide traction. The differential also protects the powertrain components and tires from excessive wear. 

The differential needs regular maintenance to help it perform its best. The gears and bearings inside the differential are lubricated by oil that helps reduce friction and prevents overheating. Like engine oil, the differential oil can become dirty and contaminated over time, so it needs to be replaced on occasion. Changing the differential oil is among the most overlooked maintenance items for many vehicles; putting off your differential service for too long can cause you to need ring and pinion gear replacement or other repairs. The good news is that this oil typically only needs to be replaced every 20,000 to 40,000 miles; however, the interval can vary based on your make and model. 

Some common signs you need front differential repair or maintenance include:

  • A howling or whining sound while accelerating
  • Rumbling or whirring sounds at speeds over 20 MPH or while decelerating
  • A clunking sound every few feet or when your car starts to move
  • A steady vibration that increases with your vehicle’s speed
  • Leaking differential oil
  • A strong burning oil smell

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Differential oil transfers heat away from the pinion and ring gears; servicing this essential component will extend its life and keep you on the road. For high-quality front differential repair and service near Portland, turn to the pros at Dan’s Auto Center! Our skilled technicians have specialized training in all aspects of auto care for Japanese and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs. Contact us today or request an appointment online. 

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