What Are Tune-Ups and How Do They Benefit Your Vehicle?

What Are Tune-Ups and How Do They Benefit Your Vehicle? At Dan’s Auto Center, we often get asked what’s included in a standard tune-up. In truth, there’s no such thing as a “standard tune-up”! Every shop has its own set of services that are included in a tune-up—and there are also manufacturer-recommended considerations. However, something…


Do 4WDs Need More Maintenance Than 2WDs?

Do 4WDs Need More Maintenance Than 2WDs? If you have a four-wheel drive (4WD) or are planning to buy one in the future, you might be wondering whether these vehicles need more maintenance than the average two-wheel drive (2WD) car. While maintenance is fairly similar to 2WDs, 4WD vehicles do have some special needs, particularly…


How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle There’s nothing quite like having a brand-new car… The glossy shine of a factory-fresh paint job, the new car smell, and a squeaky clean interior all make even the most budget-friendly economy model feel like a luxury. But with inflation, rising interest rates, and chip shortages, now…

Common Car Problems and How to Troubleshoot Them

Routine car maintenance is an excellent way to keep your vehicle free from issues and reduce your lifetime repair bills. However, even the best-maintained car will have problems from time to time. Whether you’re hearing strange noises or a warning light on your dashboard has come on, it’s important to understand common car problems and…

Tips for Maximizing Your Fuel Economy in the Winter

Have you ever noticed your fuel economy seems to go down in the winter months? It’s not your imagination! Conventional gas-powered vehicles can see a drop in gas mileage by as much as 15% when the temperatures drop to 20 degrees. Why Does Cold Weather Affect Gas Mileage? There are several reasons why winter weather…

Why is a Well-Maintained Suspension So Important?

If you’re like most drivers, you probably don’t think about your suspension system very much—but it’s vital for good traction and a smooth, comfortable ride. You can think of the suspension a bit like a cushion between you and the road. When you drive over bumps and uneven surfaces, your suspension helps keep your car…

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